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About us

The GreenLine trimmer line is a product that originated from a collaboration between Senbis Sustainable Products B.V. and Greenable B.V.. In our fight against environmentally polluting plastics, we started developing our 100% biodegradable trimmer wire more than 7 years ago. The experience and expertise from the market of Greenable B.V. in combination with the progressive R&D work of Senbis Sustainable Products B.V. turned out to be a golden combination. After 7 years of development, we launched our first trimmer line in early 2022. Our product is now available at 20+ dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium and we intend to expand this further throughout Europe in 2023.

Our core values

In a world where sustainability goes hand in hand with performance.


In our fight against unnecessary environmental pollution, we focus on the development of environmentally friendly products. Our products are therefore 100% biodegradable without an increased carbon footprint.


Our mission is to be the market leader in 100% biodegradable trimmer line. In order to achieve this, we continue to innovate in the field of product composition and product properties.


Environmentally conscious and innovative, nothing is without quality. We deliver our products with a high quality, so that the performance of our products meets the market standard.

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